Social Crowdfunding for gifts, projects & charities

Social Crowdfunding for gifts, projects & charities SA’s most reliable, social, digital platform for collecting money – safely, securely, and simply Raise money from friends, family, colleagues & other contributors with South Africa’s favourite crowdfunding platform. Create a Moneybox and become

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i am staying movement

this website updates you about life style and Opportunity do you find what are you looking for? simply watsapp. 0792262553

We’ve created a list of 10 people who are deeply loved but are big jerks behind the camera

Some Hollywood actors are recognized for being great in person, including Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey, and Kristen Wiig. With all that being said, it’s not like every actor or actress will be the same. Some of them aren’t so sweet

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your favorite celebrity will fall in love with you?

What are the chances on earth that your favorite celebrity will fall in love with you?  It is close to nonexistent, while not absolutely impossible. So, don’t be in hopelessness; one out of ten million of us can get lucky

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i need this information

Coronaviruses have been recognized for over 50 years. The word “corona” has many different meanings, but it was the sun that the virologists had in mind when they chose the name coronaviruses by comparing the characteristic projections on the outside of

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South Africa’s borders with neighbouring countries are under severe pressure

South Africa’s borders with neighbouring countries are under severe pressure as thousands try to cross into the country. Police have arrested 35 people at the Kosi Bay border post for crossing into South Africa illegally. Thousands of Zimbabweans have been

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Great Reasons to Live a Green Lifestyle

  If everyone had adopted a more sustainable way of life, problems like deforestation and global warming would not have existed. Every person would be participating in protecting the environment. Most people don’t even realize that every action can contribute

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Get rich on coins and bitcoin

How to sell coins. Play now Coin shop opens start seling List of wanted coins  

Best CV Templates to get you a job

Curriculum Vitae (CV) How to write a Cover Letter How to apply for a bursary or internship Below, each of these topics is discussed in detail. CV first: How to write a Curriculum Vitae To me, to get you an

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Z83 Application Forms – Government Jobs Application Forms

Z83 Application Form: Download Z83 form to apply for Government Jobs Do you want to apply for South African Government jobs / vacancies? Don’t stress – simply download the two page Z83 application form for Government Departments and other public

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